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Practice Areas

Architect & Engineer Representation

Since our beginning the representation of design professionals has been a primary Firm focus.

Starting with the defense of professional malpractice claims by Mike Murtaugh before the Firm was founded, the practice grew to encompass employment, intellectual property and professional service contract matters in the 1980s, and ownership transition and acquisition transactions in the 1990s.

Today a number of Firm members — including Mike Murtaugh, Larry Treglia, David EricksenMichelle Generaux, Casey Hannegan and Devin Murtaugh — have extensive experience with the interface between the legal and design professions, as well as a solid understanding of both the design and construction process and the challenges of succeeding in the A/E business.

In addition to handling all manner of litigation such as liability claims, collection actions and employment disputes, the kinds of services that we typically provide to our A/E clients include:

  •  Contract negotiation and drafting
  •  Entity selection, formation and maintenance
  •  Risk management counseling
  •  Employment law counseling
  •  Intellectual property protection
  •  Merger & acquisition negotiation
  •  Succession planning
  •  Partnership dispute resolution

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